Trump’s new national finance director worked for Goldman and Soros; Donated to..

Source: Twitchy | May 5, 2016 | Greg P.

Trump’s new national finance director worked for Goldman and Soros; Donated to Clinton and Obama

Donald Trump named Steven Mnuchin, Chairman and CEO of private investment firm Dune Capital Management LP, as his national finance chairman today:

Previously, Mnuchin was a partner at Goldman Sachs and he’s linked to George Soros:


We’re so old we remember when Donald Trump criticized George Soros, hedge funds and the influence of Goldman Sachs…


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    Remember, Trump LOANED money to his campaign. It was a LOAN. When his campaign raises money, they will pay back Trump for his LOAN. He will get his money back. Heidi Cruz WORKED for Goldman-Sachs. She got a salary for working. She went to work every day helping people invest their money. She and Ted had an investment account at Goldman. They BORROWED money from their account and had to pay it back, which they did. Goldman did not give them money for free, it was their own money they borrowed.

    Trump would not do anything that would cost him a cent – he will get his money back and I would bet the campaign will pay him interest on the money he loaned his campaign. He will make a profit. He loves money too much. As Aquinas said; “All sin is caused by love. Loving the wrong thing, loving the right thing too much, not loving the right thing enough.”

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    You are correct Victoria.

    I would also note that a “Partner” at Goldman Sacks who had been there for 17 years would be much, much higher up the food chain than a VP at the Houston office (one of thousands of VP’s at Goldman Sacks overall) . If a Partner walks into the local office, the VP’s would be fetching coffee for him.

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    I don’t go to FR anymore so would like to know what trumpkins are saying about this since they demonized Cruz cause his wife worked for GS.

    Also, remember when lyin trump tashed GS…his supporters are suckers!

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