Trump’s nomination needed to happen so we could see what we’d become.

Source: RedState | May 21, 2016 | Ben Howe


Our side, no matter who our leader ended up being, has begun to revel in a misguided sense of justice that wants to laugh at the pain of others in order to feel better about their own.

To be clear, this isn’t everyone. But this is the loudest part. And it’s the part that got a man who acts exactly like them one heartbeat from the oval office.

There will be plenty of people who will continue to say this is all just me blowing kisses to the left. Or who will say that I’m just trying to get attention.

They’ll say that because our outrage peddlers have trained them to think that decency is weakness.

But in the back of their minds, they’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  And I hope they wake up to it and start admitting it just as I have.

No, I don’t think the left is free of anything I’m describing. Far from it. But I’m not here to clean up the left, I’m here to clean up the right.

We lost this nomination, not to the left, but to ourselves. To who we had become.  And thank God we did. Because banding together to stop Trump from stepping foot in the White House may be the only thing that saves the conservative soul and starts to pull us back to our principles and patriotism and away from this nonstop orgy of hate and anger.

I wanted Ted Cruz or someone like him to be president. But we weren’t ready.  We had to go through this first.

It’s time to accept that we didn’t just lose to Trump’s wing of the party because we deserved to. We lost to them because we needed to. To quote so many on our side these last several months: we needed to burn the whole thing down.

But not out of anger. But for sanctification. Not out of sorrow. But for repentance. Not to hasten death. But to enable rebirth.

So in a weird way, thank you Donald Trump. You may very well have saved conservatism from itself.  I can’t wait to help you succeed by defeating you.

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