Trump’s Trans-Ideology

Source: Conservative Review | April 22, 2016 | Daniel Horowitz

There is nothing more fixed and inviolable than gender. A man endowed with male parts can do all he wants to act like a woman, heck he can even be a liberal, but at the end of the day, he is a man. He can don long hair, powder his square jaw, or take all the estrogen supplements he wants to make a statement, but in private, biology will always kick in.

Trans-ideology is no different. If someone was a liberal his entire life, and even after undergoing an ideological party-change operation, still promotes socialized medicine, eminent domain, raising taxes, judicial tyranny, and well… transgender bathrooms, that person is still a liberal. He can powder himself with some strong talk on immigration here and there, but the liberal plumbing will always kick in, especially in private or when he is caught off guard.

Any conservative still hoping there is something worthwhile that can be salvaged from a Trump win after yesterday’s comments is either delusional or not a conservative. It’s not just his support for the radical transgender agenda, the most extreme and licentious manifestation of modern liberalism. It’s the way he expressed that support. He made it seem as if the default position was that men should be allowed in female bathrooms and that it was North Carolina Republicans who came along and passed some revolutionary and foreign idea to actually keep gender-separate bathrooms intact. Once again, the innate liberal kicking in, despite the party-change operation.

What was even more disturbing about his support for the Rainbow Jihad against our civil society and private property rights is that he claimed to be concerned about the lost business for North Carolina. Thus, he is publicly telegraphing the message to the far left that, were he to become president, they already know how to pick his lock. Just issue a corporate boycott in response to any policy they don’t like, and Trump will fold.

There is no movement more fascistic and officious than the Rainbow Jihad, and Trump wants them to know he’s open for business. The D.C. local government is encouraging people to “report” private businesses that don’t have transgender bathroom arrangements. Does Trump want us to “get over” that as well?

And by the way, on the unlikely chance that Trump sticks by the tougher stance (among the many stances he has taken) on immigration for even a day of his presidency, he will capitulate the minute the boycotts begin.


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