Trump’s Twitter Followed by Millions of Inactive or Fake Accounts

Source: Washington Free Beacon | April 11, 2016 | Josh Peterson

Sixty-four percent of Donald Trump’s 7.51 million Twitter followers have not been in use for at least the past six months, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

Additionally, using’s Twitter analysis app, Faker, which analyzes the quality of a user’s Twitter following, the Free Beacon found that as of April 9, just over half a million (525,700, or 7 percent) of Trump’s followers were considered “fake.”

If not for the media’s fascination with Trump’s Twitter usage, much of what he posts would fall on deaf ears. Only 2.2 million of his followers were found to be legitimate active accounts.

Observers have also noted other strange activity on Twitter apparently linked to the effort to secure the GOP nomination for Trump.

Patrick Ruffini, a Republican digital strategist and co-founder of the firm Echelon Insights, noted on Thursday that a number of Twitter accounts were tweeting the same anti-Cruz message calling for people to complain to the Federal Communications Commission about Cruz Campaign robocalls.

“If you’ve opted out of @TedCruz robocalls and are still receiving calls u can file a complaint with the #FCC here:, ” first tweeted a pro-Trump account called “WDFx2EU.”

In a document posted to Google, Ruffini showed that between 4:18 P.M. on Thursday to 2:12 A.M. on Friday, the tweet was retweeted 490 times at an average rate of several times per minute. Within an hour of the initial tweet, the meme had been reposted 274 times at an average rate of 4.56 times per minute.


Further analysis of the account “WDFx2EU,” which currently boasts 89,567 total followers as of April 10, revealed the account was created three months ago on Jan. 8. Using StatusPeople’s app, the Free Beacon found that 61 percent (54,636) of the account’s followers are either fake or inactive; 23 percent are fake, 38 percent are inactive.


Fake followers can be purchased over the Web with relative ease. For example, lists a Twitter follower package on sale for as little as $1 for 100 new followers. Devumi, a social media marketing firm, sells a 2,500 follower plan on its site for $39.


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    Same with Facebook. One of the “selling points” put forth by the Trumpsters about their god is that he has so many Facebook or Twitter followers. It’s like high school — you have to vote for the most popular person in the class for class president. LOL

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