TSA security chief removed from his position

Source: Hot Air | May 24, 2016 | Jazz Shaw

We recently talked about the pledge from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to shorten the horrendously long lines many of you are currently dealing with at the nation’s airports. Perhaps that’s one factor which led to yesterday’s announcement that the agency’s chief of security operations, Kelly Hoggan, was being removed from his position. Hoggan had held this post since 2013. (Fox News)


In addition to unhappiness over the long waiting lines (or perhaps as a response to it) much of the focus on Hoggan seems to be the fact that he received nearly $100K in bonuses over a thirteen month period while the agency was plagued with problems, and long lines were only a drop in the bucket. (The Hill)


The House Oversight Committee tweeted a breakdown of the bonuses that Hoggan received during this period and it’s a pretty sweet deal.



Hoggan wasn’t actually fired, by the way. He was transferred, though the agency isn’t saying where his next job will be. Nor do I expect this to suddenly cure everything ailing the TSA at present. I doubt Hoggan was the root of all evil because it’s the system itself which is failing, not one individual who was put in charge. But if nothing else, this move might make them think twice about the serious nature of the challenges the TSA is facing and get some smart people on the trail of actual solutions.


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