Turns Out American Sniper Chris Kyle Was A Bigger Hero Than Previously Thought

Source: The Resurgent | May 25, 2016 | Erick Erickson

In Chris Kyle’s book about his days as a SEAL, he wrote, “I would end my career as a SEAL with two Silver Stars and five Bronze [Stars], all for valor.”

But Chris Kyle’s DD214 form from the Navy, which compiles all his awards and commendations, shows Kyle actually received six, not five, Bronze Stars with Valor, in addition to the two Silver Stars.

Well, that should be the story. But the left, in its ongoing war to discredit any American hero it cannot otherwise declare gay or transgendered, has decided to attack Chris Kyle in order to attack the SEALS as a whole.

The Intercept, a leftwing publication with the subtle aim of discrediting and portraying the United States and its heroes as elements of a rogue and hostile regime, claims that Chris Kyle lied about his awards and commendations. Why? Well they filed a FOIA and

During his 10 years of military service and four deployments, Kyle earned one Silver Star and three Bronze Stars with Valor, a record confirmed by Navy officials.

That is a discrepancy given that Kyle said he got more than that. Never mind Chris Kyle’s DD214, which shows Kyle received more than even he claimed. No, we are supposed to trust the FOIA that the Intercept received.

But there is a problem there too.

If you read the Department of the Navy’s response to the FOIA, you see this language in the second paragraph: “A releasable copy of available responsive award citations is enclosed.”

So it is possible that they cannot find the records to reflect the DD214 certificate. Heck, I have a friend who served in the Army, has all his paperwork to prove it along with eyewitnesses, and the Army has no “available” record of his service.



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