Unpaid bills pile up in Trump rallies’ wake

Source: Politico | October 8, 2019 | Anita Kumar and Quint Forgey

Cities across the country say the president’s campaign has failed to reimburse them for law enforcement costs.

Donald Trump has raised record amounts of money as a presidential candidate. But he’s still left a slew of unpaid bills in his wake.

In city after city, across the nation, Trump has failed to pay local officials who provide thousands of dollars’ worth of security assistance to the president’s campaign during his Make America Great Again rallies.

In total, at least 10 cities have complained that the campaign has not reimbursed them for services provided by local police and fire departments, totaling more than $840,000, according to a study by the Center for Public Integrity in June.

Minneapolis may find itself next on the list after the president picked a fight with the city’s mayor on Tuesday.

Trump accused Mayor Jacob Frey of overcharging the arena in downtown Minneapolis for services during Trump’s rally, scheduled for Thursday night, alleging that the mayor doesn’t want the president to speak in the overwhelmingly Democratic city.

“The radical Mayor of Minneapolis, @Jacob_Frey, is abusing his power in an attempt to block the President’s supporters from seeing him speak on Thursday,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted. “We refuse to be bullied by a left-winger resister & won’t let him stifle the speech of @realDonaldTrump or his supporters!”

The feud comes days after the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee announced a record-breaking fundraising haul —$125 million in the three-month period ending Sept. 30.


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  •  EVERYDAY #32244

    I don’t know why the officials in thee cities allow him to come in the first place. These rock star tours are a major headache for these cities and even if Trump paid his bills, they cost the local taxpayers huge sums of money, plus they divert local law enforcement from their jobs of serving and protecting the people.

    But if these cities are foolish enough to host this deadbeat, I would suggest that, since Trump doesn’t pay his bills, these cities demand a hefty deposit upfront for their expenses.

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