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There are several Gofundme and other crowd sourcing accounts set up in the names of individuals who allegedly are delegates to the Republican convention. These solicitations claim that the alleged delegates need donations to pay travel expenses for the trip to Cleveland.  

There is a rumor on social media that at least a few of these solicitations may be fraudulent.  The question is, if one is inclined to donate, how to tell whether the solicitation is real or not?  

Is there a way to determine whether the individual making the solicitation is really a delegate, or if the person or group setting up the solicitation for the alleged “delegate” has some legitimate connection to that “delegate?” I don’t know how well Gofundme  and other such entities screen these solicitations for fraud.

Seems to me if a person is going to be a delegate, he or she would have the financial resources to travel.  Otherwise, why volunteer, or why accept the delegate slot?  Maybe someone can straighten me out on this issue.

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    By the way, I’m not considering donating to any of these funds. This question came up on social media and I didn’t know how to answer.

    Thank you all in advance for your help.

    Victoria #6747

    In order to be chosen for the national convention, one must have a work history with the party, either paid or volunteer over a period of time. These are select people, not your average joe off the street. Since they have history with the party for years they know what money they must have to get to the convention. They have already been to the state convention, likely for years, and are well aware of money needed for the national convention.

    In my 10 years working with the local and state party, I have never heard of anyone trying to get money on the internet to go to the national convention. I would not give any money on the internet to anyone using the national convention as a way to get it.

    EVERYDAY #6748

    Thank you for your response, Victoria. I’m becoming increasingly suspicious of everything in my old age, so reading and hearing about these donation requests set off some alarms. I shouldn’t be surprised. These days, people will sink to the lowest possible depths to separate gullible people from their hard earned money.

    I’ve passed on your information and hope it will keep people from the scammers.

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