Vicente Fox torches Trump: Behave like a president

Source: The Hill | February 4, 2017 | Brooke Seipel

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox on Saturday slammed President Trump over his feud with The New York Times, telling him it’s time to “start being presidential.”

“Donald, you’re a president. Behave like one. These rants are child play. Quit twitter, start being presidential,” Fox tweeted alongside a tweet from Trump hitting the Times for being “fake news.”



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  •  ConservativeGranny #13349

    He is incapable of changing especially at his age.

     CA Surveyor #13353

    Granny, I think Trump is well aware that twitter has given him the upper hand in the battle with the MSM.

     ConservativeGranny #13368

    He may think it is giving him the upper hand however it will be his downfall. It exposes his weaknesses and shows his enemies exactly how to poke him with a stick. How smart is that?

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