Video Shows Drastic Differences Between Trump and Cruz Rallies

Source: The Blaze | March 20, 2016 | Jenelle Stone

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending two rallies, one for Donald Trump and the other for Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee .

The difference in the atmospheres between the two events, which were ony about a dozen hours and 20 miles apart, seemed blunt and shocking.

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The experience Friday night at the Trump Rally could ony be described as chaotic. Protesters yelled at policemen; they were climbing trees; they were holding signs depicting everything from expletives to descriptions of male body parts to a risqué image of Melania Trump.

Profanity laced many chants. Screaming matches broke out interspersedly around the crowd. Many Trump supporters yelled back at protesters, which only seemed to stoke the political fire. Police officers dotted the crowd.

Saturday morning at the Cruz rally, I was inside and listening to the speeches. I half expected a major protest inside the event to break out, but nothing. Speakers centered topics on the constitution, standing strong and God. When asked who the youngest Cruz supporter in the room was, many babies were held in the air and the audience cooed. Many children attended.


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