Video: Ted Cruz Was Talking About a Wall YEARS Before Trump

Source: Patterico's Pontifications | February 7, 2016 | Patterico

Yesterday I told you how Ted Cruz talked about building a wall months before Donald Trump announced his 2016 presidential candidacy.

That post was misleading, and I deeply apologize.

Because Ted Cruz was actually talking about a wall years before Trump announced.


Here’s Ted Cruz, July 17, 2012, during his run for the Texas Senate, supporting building a wall:



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  • Consistent #677

    The moderator goes on to berate Cruz for supporting this despite the cost. Cruz sticks to his guns. That was July 17, 2012, and the debate clip used in the second debate was from April 13, 2012. Donald Trump’s latest presidential run was announced in June 2015.

    This means Ted Cruz supported a wall years before Trump announced his 2016 presidential bid.

    And here is Cruz again, from July 30, 2011, supporting a wall as part of a comprehensive strategy to secure the border:


    ConstitutionalConservative #680

    Cruz is the same yesterday and today, a consistent constitutional conservative the winds of liberalism will never blow strong enough to turn him from his rock solid principles, he will not go along to get along even if it means he could lose an election, where others may for political expediency twist and turn into some perceived advantage Cruz will not, no question about it what you see and hear is what you will get.

    Most recent case in point, it would have been politically expedient for Cruz to change positions on corn subsidies to win Iowa, but he had the experience of observing others and the wisdom to know in the process of sacrificing principles for winning he would have lost everything. Yes he did say he would wean them off subsidies over five years but that is just good common sense, reason and logic whatever the issue he is not going about selling pigs in a poke.

    slhancock1948 #681

    The sad thing is that places like FR, Conservative Treehouse, Breitbart, Drudge, et all will NEVER listen. All you keep hearing at those sites is: he supported the TPP (which he did not…that was Rubio; he supported amnesty, which he has never supported. They drag out that video, which Jeff Sessions and Mike Lee have both publicly stated that Cruz never supported it, but the three of them conceited this video as if they were pushing for it because they knew the democrats would run from it because it gave away the fact that amnesty and citizenship WAS in the bill. It was a ruse, but Trump supporters and Rubio supporters will not hear it. Some people just will not hear the truth.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    silver pines #717

    When you allow yourself to be sucked into a cult of personality, your cultmaster, the object of your worship, is the only thing that matters.

    Rationality will never reach most Trumpbots.

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