WATCH: CNN documents how Trump changed position on abortion THREE TIMES IN THREE

Source: The Right Scoop | March 31, 2016 | The Right Scoop

CNN ran a segment documenting how Trump changed his position on abortion three times within three hours.


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  • Consistent #3484
    Victoria #3488

    Trump has no position on anything – he doesn’t give a hoot about anything except himself. The Trumpcult does not care – he is rich beyond anything they could hope for, so elect him and maybe they will become rich just like him. He will surely give them some of his money because he “loves” them just as they “love” him. BS

    Nuclear bombs: This week, he says let Japan and South Korea have nuclear bombs but he wants less nuclear bombs in the world. Nothing he says makes sense but the Trumpcult does not care – elect him anyway.

    rodamala #3490

    On my way into work, during the morning news on the radio, I heard the clip of Drumpf being grilled by Chris Matthews on nukes.

    jesus… this is what people are all excited about? Really?!?

    The guy is an absolute buffoon.

    Epic Facepalm.

    Consistent #3508
    ConservativeGranny #3512

    This is just the tip of the iceberg and he hasn’t won the nomination. If he is the nominee just watch what Hillary does to him.

    Trump supporters need to wake up. The media is doing you a favor by giving you a preview of what is coming. A dem could get away with being a buffoon. A repub not so much. They will take full advantage of it.

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