WATCH: Cruz Camp Calls 'BS' on Trump Staffer's Wild Bribery Allegations

Source: Conservative Review | April 19, 2016 | Phil Shiver

Tuesday morning on CNN a Trump campaign member accused the Cruz campaign of “stealing, lying, and bribery” in their attempt to persuade delegates.

Tana Goertz, Trump’s Iowa State Co-chairwoman, said she witnessed firsthand the Cruz camp’s “bribery in action” yet had absolutely no specifics about the occurrence. When pressed by the show’s hosts, Goertz backed off her rhetoric slightly choosing then to label what she saw as “shady behavior.”


Minutes later, the Cruz camp had a strong response to the wild accusations that’s “BS.”

Ken Cuccinelli, the Cruz campaign’s delegate allocation head, called Goertz’s attacks typical of Trump’s “banana republic” intimidation tactics.

When asked how the campaign has been able to persuade delegates to back Cruz, Cuccinelli said they “ask nicely.” As for the supposed “goodies” – Cuccinelli says he tells people they can “have their Constitution back.”

Here’s the Cruz camp’s scathing response:

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  • Consistent #4748

    ConstitutionalConservative #4751

    As per Alinksy’s rules for progressive liberal democrat communist radicals, and naturally the Trump campaign facts and evidence don’t matter, it is only the ALLEGATIONS that matter.

    Victoria #4757

    Here is why Trump accuses Cruz of buying off delegates. Trump has been buying off people, including political office holders, all his adult life. Did you hear him yesterday and the day before when he said he could give delegates vacations, send them anywhere, give them whatever they want. That is what he thinks Cruz is doing to get delegates as that is what he would do.

    Trump doesn’t understand who delegates are – they have spent years in the trenches working in the party and they have MORALS when it comes to that work. If they are a Cruz delegate, you couldn’t persuade them to change or if they are a Trump delegate, they can’t be bribed, either.

    Trump has no morals at all – he has no idea what those are.

    rgintn #4773

    trump expects he’ll unite the GOP with tactics like this???

    I really can’t see Cruz or even Rubio supporting trump if he wins the primary after the sleazy attacks on them by trump and his people

    rodamala #4787

    Yesterday on Hannity’s radio program, that goomba douchebag Trumpbot, Mike Cohen, made the same delegate bribery accusations of “Croooze” (Trumpist, NY Jewish Lawyer pronunciation of the name Cruz).

    As low brow as “Special Counsel to Mister Trump“, shyster, Mike Cohen is, I was quite pleased hearing D.C. McAllister shut him down and force Cohen to admit that he has ZERO BASIS for his outrageous claim that the Cruz campaign is violating campaign laws, or rules regarding the treatment of delegates.

    The guy was just making shit up to smear Cruz. 100% pure slander. What a complete scumbag.

    These Trump MORONS, Hannity inclusive, just keep hammering on the same “Cruz is stealing delegates and violating the will of the voters” narrative. They have NO GRASP of how the system works… NONE.

    The same retards probably think that 17A is the greatest thing ever as well.

    silver pines #4790

    Ken Cuccinelli should have been my governor, instead of the filthy leftwing Clintonite fixer toad who currently squats in my governor’s mansion.

    silver pines #4791

    Victoria, you notice that many of Trump’s accusations are simply projection?

    Cruz is bribing delegates…

    Cruz is afraid to debate (LMAO).

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