WATCH: Ted Cruz KILLS IT on New York Values

Source: The Right Scoop | April 14, 2016 | The Right Scoop

Ted Cruz was asked tonight, again, about his comments on New York Values by someone who lived in upstate New York and his answer was fantastic.


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  • Consistent #4474
    Victoria #4475

    Well, Consistent, you just don’t get it. Don’t you know it matters not what he says, HE’S A WINNER! Just read on another website. From the beginning, the mantra was, HE’S A WINNER, HE’S GOING TO WIN! I recall reading over and over, we must have a winner! This time we have a winner! It doesn’t matter a few years ago he was for partial birth abortion, he’s a winner! It doesn’t matter he’s for gay marriage, he’s a winner! He has given many thousands of dollars to Democrats, including Hillary, but he’s a winner!

    On this website, CC, it DOES MATTER what a candidate believes and stands for and we can say it without fear of getting dumped off here. I could never say that over there which is now in a time warp in a constellation in another universe.

    Thanks to everyone for free speech here and no terrible personal attacks. I know you get it, Consistent, I was just having fun with you. :o)

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