WATCH: Ted Cruz makes his position on illegals plain enough for even BillO to…

Source: The Right Scoop | February 22, 2016 | The Right Scoop

Amid the many interruptions by BillO – which were frustrating to both us in the audience and to Ted Cruz himself – the interview went very well for Cruz who was challenged to explain exactly where he stand on illegals. And that he did. In short, Cruz said he will follow the law and deport illegals and when asked if he’d have the government look for them, he said absolutely, that’s what ICE is for.



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    I saw that excange. O’Reilly always speaks over people, not letting them finish a thought/sentence. Cruz has not changed his stance on illegals; he has always said use existing law to send illegals back. Obama ignores the law because he can. First president in my lifetime who ignores laws. If, God forbid, we have Trump, I expect him to be King as he has always been his own King.

    He has said his wealthy friends want to help him govern, so we can expect rule by royalty, a King and his Lords over their fiefdom of the United States. Citizens would be pleasants doing the will of the King and Lords. Do not think this is not possible as this is how Trump lives now. It is all he knows – it is his reality.

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    Glad Cruz was able to get what he did in as an answer. O’Reilly wasn’t giving him much of a chance to complete a thought.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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    I remember the day Cruz released his detailed immigration plan… it was the same day as the Paris terror attack.

    I find it infuriating that Cruz’s detailed immigration plan is only seeming to get press exposure now.

    Trumpies poo-pooed this well thought out PLAN and kept saying some BS of, “Cruz will not commit to deportation of the illegal immigrants already in the US!!!”, when the text of the plan was plain as could be:

    Recommit the federal government to deporting all illegal immigrants who commit crimes – and make use of all available tools to deport criminal immigrants as quickly as possible.

    Excuse me, Trumptards, but what part of “criminal immigrants” do you not understand? They are criminals merely by being here, ILLEGALLY.

    THREE MONTHS AGO this was made a clear policy position by Cruz. Yet, here we are, OVER THREE MONTHS LATER, and The Bloviator has to clarify this policy position?

    Get real.

    Maybe Ted shoulda said he was gonna punch illegal immigrants in the face?

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