What Good Does It Profit a Party…

Source: The Resurgent | June 6, 2016 | Erick Erickson

Over the weekend, Donald Trump doubled down on claiming an Indiana native of Mexican descent is unfit to preside over the Trump University fraud trial. He also added to the claim, telling the news media that a muslim judge would also be unfit to hear a case involving Trump. Never mind the legal precedent Trump is gunning for — that one can insult a judge, a race, or ethnicity, and then preclude a judge from overseeing a case — the real issue here is racism. Donald Trump contends that based solely on someone’s ethnicity, race, or religion that person is unfit to do their job. This is the man the Party of Lincoln is running for President.

Yesterday, on Meet the Press, Mitch McConnell ducked and swerved around the issue of racism. He said repeatedly that he disagreed with Donald Trump’s statement, but he would not say why. All he knew is that he did not want to call it racism. When confronted with my previous post on the matter explicitly noting that what Donald Trump said was racist, the best Mitch McConnell could offer up is that the center-right coalition needs to come together to win the White House.

So the Party of Lincoln will entertain a racist as its leader in the name of winning?

What good does it profit a party to win the White House and lose its soul? Because the odds are the party will not win the White House and will forfeit future victories as it sees Hispanic voters, black voters, and a solid number of evangelicals flee the party of racists.


A Republican Party that abandons its principles and refuses to call out racism in the name of winning the White House will not win the White House and will lose everything along the way.

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