What Happened to Rubio?

Source: Conservative Review | 8 March, 2016 | D.C. McAllister

Marco Rubio is the knight in shining armor that never showed up to save the damsel in distress — the damsel being the Republican Party — and that’s all the difference in the world when you try to understand the impotency of the Rubio candidacy. 

Rubio lost big on Super Saturday, losing to Ted Cruz in Kansas by 32 percent and getting trounced in Maine by 40 points. The landscape looks barren going forward. He’s way behind in the delegate count with 151. Trump has 384, and Cruz has 300. Rubio has only won a single state and Puerto Rico. His 3-2-1 strategy has fizzled, and he’s trailing Trump in his home state of Florida. 

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  • slhancock1948 #2287

    A good article. CR is overseen by Mark Levin, so the articles there are normally incontestable. I like that they don’t post just anything, very much like Frontpagemag, which David Horowitz oversees. They check the resources and don’t post anything that is frivolous. They do post opinion articles, but that is evident up front.

    This author makes some good points about Rubio and Trump.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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