What Heidi Cruz Said About Ted That Has Liberals Steamed

Source: Charisma News | February 12, 2016 | Bob Eschliman

An appearance earlier this week by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, has the liberal media practically losing its collective mind.

Heidi Cruz appeared Tuesday afternoon on The Vince Coakley Radio Program, a weekday show on WYRD-FM “Word 106.3” in Greenville, South Carolina. Although the station is standard conservative talk radio, Coakley is an ordained minister who frequently talks about matters of faith on his show.

His official biography reads: “Vince is a voice for personal, spiritual and political freedom. His listeners often refer to him as ‘a breath of fresh air.’ Vince’s primary passion is God’s glory. As a minister of the gospel, he works in partnership with other leaders to help believers live as healthy functioning priests in the body of Christ.”

So during Tuesday’s interview, the topic turned to the decision-making process that led to Ted Cruz deciding to run. She admitted it was initially a difficult decision for her, but ultimately, she realized that if she were not married to him, she would want him to be running for president of the United States.


At that moment, liberal secularist minds around the country were completely blown. Several liberal media outlets focused on only that short part of the interview to attack not only the Cruzes, but Christians in general.

Mediaite reported “Heidi Cruz Bizarrely Rants About How Ted Will Show America ‘The Face of God.'”

Right Wing Watch, another anti-Christian outlet, took it as another opportunity to mock anyone who suggests leaders are anointed by God.

The New Civil Rights Movement, a website dedicated to advancing homosexual rights, used the comments to attack Ted Cruz’s “anti-gay” statements on the campaign trail.


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