What We Are Not Hearing From Our Religious Leaders

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  • slhancock1948 #7455

    I was not shocked that so many of the 900+ so-called religious right leaders went to meet with Trump as I am with the fact that I have heard NO call for Christians to fast or pray (or REPENT), from these same religious leaders. We find ourselves in a predicament and we turn to public leaders, rather than to God? Show me where, in Scripture, it tells us to put our trust in man. Rather, we find many Scriptures warning us of placing our trust in anybody but God. These so-called Christian leaders have failed us. They are leading their followers down a path of compromise into blindness. Oh, yes, they’ll give the necessary caution that the man is not really what we’d like to have in a perfect world, but they should be the ones saying…we wait on God until He acts. I’ve only heard this from Steve Deace. Is he the lone sane voice this election season?

    Nine hundred plus religious leaders…just think of the influence for righteousness sake. Just think of the revival we could’ve had…but instead will be replaced with frustration, chaos, judgment and possibly outright persecution that is coming in the not so distant future. It will come regardless of whether Hillary or The Donald is elected. DT is a LIAR very much akin to the Clintons. Every religious leader who has compromised with DT to help get him elected is an enabler to the events that will unfold. Just saying.

    It behooves the rest of us to continue to pray, fast, if we can, and to repent of our personal as well as national sins. If you need help in that, turn to the book of Daniel, chapter 9, I think. Read Daniels prayer of repentance to the Lord. We have to be the ones who will stand in the gap for our nation if no one else will. Has ANYBODY heard of any national figure asking us to pray and repent? Outside of Franklin Graham, who seems to be okay with DT as a candidate…sad about that. Our pastors and religious leaders have failed. It is up to us to do what they seem afraid to do. What they are waiting for I do not understand, but time is running out.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #7459

    We studied Dante’s “Divine Comedy” in great literature class. Many Catholic priests were in the Inferno (hell), due to their using their office to enrich themselves. These cleric people who met with Trump have blinders on as they see “enrichment” from him.

    It has been amazing to see people give up their integrity in exchange for Trump’s alleged or promised money. His income tax info. will not be released because they show the truth of his money. He is the master of lies and people believe him. I believe he is a type of Satan who can convince people he is “x”, when he is not. Every person who is in his camp projects upon him what they want to see. He is an illusion.

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