Whistleblower says top Trump appointees tried to censor reports on Russian influence

Source: Politico | September 9, 2020 | Kyle Cheney and Natasha Bertrand

The House Intelligence Committee released the whistleblower’s report, which was filed by a former top Trump administration official.

Top Trump appointees at the Department of Homeland Security repeatedly sought to censor or stop reports on Russian influence activities in the United States, according to a lengthy whistleblower report released by the House Intelligence Committee.

The report, filed by former senior DHS official Brian Murphy, describes a series of abuses and law violations by current and former leaders, including former secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, current acting Secretary Chad Wolf and an acting deputy, Ken Cuccinelli.

Murphy, who served as the Office of Intelligence and Analysis’ undersecretary, filed the 24-page complaint on September 8, alleging that he was instructed to halt the assessments because they were making “the president look bad.”

Among the concerns raised in the complaint: Cuccinelli ordered Murphy to downplay intelligence about white supremacy to make the threat appear “less severe” and play up evidence of “left-wing” violence.

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    The bottom line for Woodward was that he was writing a book. Spilling the beans beforehand would not have served his interests. Could lives have been saved? Maybe. But considering how little effect these bombshells about Trump seem to have maybe not. It might have just been another little ripple on the pond.

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