Who is David French?

Source: Conservative Review | June 1, 2016 | Robert Eno


David French was born in the late sixties and grew up in Kentucky. He graduated from Harvard Law in 1994. Since then, he has been a strong defender of religious liberty in his law practice.

French has served as president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), lectured at Cornell Law School, and was a senior counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, and for the Alliance Defending Freedom. The latter two take on religious liberty and free speech cases across the country.

Before Joining FIRE, French was a partner at Greenbaum, Doll, & McDonald, a firm which practices in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. While at the firm he often was a pro-bono lawyer for students and professors at colleges defending their civil liberties.

He claims that his work on religious liberty inspired the movie, “God’s Not Dead.”

In addition to his legal work French is the author, or co-author of many books, including A Season for Justice: Defending the Rights of the Christian Church, Home, and School, and the Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore. French, and his wife Nancy, co-authored a book about their year apart while he served as a Judge Advocate General in Iraq, where he earned a Bronze Star.

French is also a staff writer at National Review.

French and his wife Nancy live in Columbia, Tennessee, an exurb southwest of Nashville. They have three children, one of whom is their adopted black daughter, who has been the target of the fringe alt-right on Twitter.  

Nancy French is also an author. She has a longstanding collaborative relationship with the Palin family. She has coauthored books with both Sarah, and Bristol Palin.

In 2012, David French was awarded the American Conservative Union’s Ronald Reagan Award, at CPAC  After biographical comments by the presenter, French’s speech begins at 9:45 of the video below.


A French candidacy is a long shot, like all independent bids and in the end it is highly unlikely to be successful. If successful in throwing the election to the House of Representatives it would be a disruptive force, which may mark the beginning of the end of a two party system.
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    Thank you for the bio. I didn’t know anything about Mr. French. He sounds like a good guy, but of course, I would like to know his position on a number of issues — the economy, foreignrelatiins, dealing c with our enemies, and so on.

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