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Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | May 5, 2016 | Cecil Stinemetz

This is from someone who spent a lot of private time with Ted Cruz as his personal driver during this campaign.

I have held off saying anything mainly because I am not as strong as most of you are – I would probably have said things I shouldn’t of. And perhaps because of the time I had spent with Ted, Heidi, the girls and his staff that I am having a very difficult time. After being in a vehicle, backstage, or at hotels for hours with Ted and his staff, listening to all the things that goes on running a campaign and seeing how he acted, how he responded, how he conducted himself behind the scenes, led me to know how he would have ran the White House. Being with him at meals, at movies, late at night, early in the morning, he never changed his respect and dignity to people who wanted to see him. He never wavered in wanting to see us return our country back to the way it was meant to be. Seeing him struggle when talking about his girls when they had to stay in Texas because it is hard on them and him. There were times he and I were the only ones in the vehicle while he was on the phone strategizing and not once did I hear him say anything that was unethical or dishonest. (Just thinking about Trump in this regard makes me want to vomit)

Caroline and Cathrine were such fun to play with and be around. How rough it is to be small children while dad and mom are non stop running for president. But they have their mom and dad’s genes and they will be just fine.

Heidi is so gracious and kind. I have seen her early in the morning with no makeup getting ready to run and having guests at a hotel come up and want to talk to her, and she, of course, kindly talked to them. At times before an event I would drive our vehicle around back so she could brush her teeth, put on makeup because everything is so hectic, not having time to do so beforehand. Listening as she has little Catherine say grace before a meal. As crazy busy as she was she insisted I give her my wife’s phone number so she could text her a thank you for me being gone for so long. And she did what she said she would do, just like her husband has done – do what he says he will do. Who does that anymore in politics or for that matter in general?

Many many of his staff worked tirelessly (after all they had to keep up with him…) and fought hard for him. I have seen so many of them work around the clock for him. You just can’t imagine everything that Bruce did behind the scenes. And of course there were others too…

So after knowing what I do about them as stated above and more and then seeing how the American people have decided they would rather have someone who constantly and consistently lies, brags about his adultery’s, lies about his wealth, his stances, his opponents, his, well, his everything, just brings tears. But you know, they could have rejected him. They could have admitted he will be no different than the democratic nominee. But they didn’t. Perhaps God has heard them and has given them the King Saul that they have craved for and that we deserve…

There needs to be something that awakens the American people and perhaps we haven’t gotten to the bottom of the gutter yet, do you realize how many people sit at home and won’t even vote let alone vet a candidate? And many of those who do vote get their information about the candidate from “conservative” news places like Fox and Drudge and do no vetting at all themselves. And do you also know how many of those who will not vote are the loudest, whiniest, grippiest ones who complain about how bad our country is getting? Sad and depressing.

There must be a way to stop the opponents from crossing over to the other side and voting for the worst guy and then in the general going back to vote for their guy, that is just flat wrong. Why does a party allow that? Perhaps a new party could put rules in that would eliminate that. Perhaps a new party could have people in charge who actually believe in what their party platform says. I am, like many of you, ready to bolt, as a matter of fact I am one inch away from that myself after 40 years of being a Republican.

I received a reply text from Heidi at 1AM giving me encouraging words, yes she admitted crying – gee how many of us did that? – but also there is hope, that this is only battle number one. That we have to have faith in God not in man. To look up, to have faith, that only God can save this country but we are to be His vessel. What a First Lady she would have made and can make…

So, I am going to wait for a bit to see what Ted Cruz has in mind. It will have to be a very very big something for me to stay in a party, big as in a new party perhaps? I want to see what he plans next and then will make a decision.

Just so people understand that Trump is a fraud just as most of us knew already – he now says he will not self fund his election run. You don’t know how many Trump people told me the main reason they back him is because he is self funding and no one is going to buy him. Real funny. Hope these same supporters understand what they are getting. Oh and not to worry every one of his promises will be broken just like it has happened the very first day after he became the presumptive nominee as noted above. The worst thing he did was portray Ted Cruz as a liar. And for that, among other things, I will never support or vote for him.

Enough of that. I have met so many fantastic people and if I try to name them all I will leave someone off so you all know who you are. All the staff, volunteers, people who gave of their time and money to help, took off work etc etc. Just can’t say enough about all of you. We were all trying to save our country and in that we need to continue – how can we not when we understand what our founders did to give us this great nation! How many times did I see many of you go above and beyond. And for that and many more reasons I am proud to say I worked with the greatest people and for the greatest campaign since Ronald Reagan. I am betting we will be meeting again some where some place. Thank you all for your friendship.
Cecil Stinemetz

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    Lucky guy.

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    I never met Ted Cruz but I know him like a brother, I could and have said pretty much the same things about him as this guy who worked closely with him. I have always known that in Ted what you see is what you get; there is none other alive today like him in all the realm of politics.
    I am thoroughly ashamed of the majority that call themselves Americans especially of them that call themselves republican. For a moment think about our founding fathers; but for their comfort in God, you can imagine them awash in tears. The worst has happened, though we as a nation don’t deserve it, we need a miracle from the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

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    And there were the sell outs who want something from Trump: Christie, Carson, Palin, Huckabee, Jendal, Rubio, and today Rick Perry endorsed Trump. Those listed people are lovers of money/possessions too much. They will sacrifice their country for their excessive love of money/possessions.

    I am studying St. Thomas Aquinas, the greatest philosopher the world has known plus he is called the “doctor” of the church. He said, “All sin is caused by love. Loving the wrong thing, loving the right thing too much, or loving the right thing not enough.” Think about that in general. Think about that and politics. Cruz loves his country and tried to help it. That was, and is, a good love.

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