Why conservatives should urge…Trump to appoint Mike Lee to the Supreme Court

Source: Conservative Review | January 28, 2017 | Steve Deace


Media speculation — which is always uncertain when it comes to Trump — is currently zeroed in on three judges as the favorites to be nominated: Bill Pryor, Neil Gorsuch, and Thomas Hardiman. Each man has their detractors and advocates among thoughtful conservatives, and that’s exactly why they shouldn’t be the choice.

And that’s exactly why conservatives should urge President Trump to appoint Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah (A, 100%) instead.

The late Scalia was the conservative cornerstone of the nation’s highest court for a generation. Therefore, anything short of a 100 percenter to replace him is a loss leader and risks tilting the court permanently to the Left for the next generation. This appointment requires a known commodity, whose views are well articulated and transparent before we hand him a lifetime appointment. Someone who has demonstrated a Scaliaesque staunch commitment to originalism. Not an unfinished product who risks going on to become the next David Souter or even John Roberts. The appointment conservatives cheered at the time, who legislated from the bench not once but twice to salvage Obamacare.

Mike Lee is such a candidate.

As a graduate of BYU law school, Lee is not a product of the progressive cesspool that has become the nation’s more established, elite law schools, which has sadly corrupted even most of the so-called “conservative” judges in the system. He’s a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, and he’s as staunch of an advocate for constitutionalism as there is in the U.S. Senate. Not to mention he’s highly-regarded by his Senate colleagues, which helps to inoculate him from potentially being “Borked.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a single conservative in the country who wouldn’t cheer wildly at his appointment, and at just 45 years-old he’s also young enough to be our anchor for a generation. Plus, he’s on record saying he would take it if it was offered.

All of this makes Lee the best possible choice President Trump could make among those actually interested in the job.


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    I don’t believe he would ever put Lee forward. Lee was not a Trump supporter and he must be punished. They would also say that Lee would never get Senate approval. That may or may not be true but I do believe he would be the best candidate for nomination and he would be a great pick for the SC.

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