Why Isn’t the Left Celebrating Trump’s Race-Baiting?

Source: Conservative Review | June 6, 2016 | Steve Deace

As far back as I can remember, progressives have been trying to divide us along racial, ethnic and gender lines.

So how come those same progressives are now criticizing Donald Trump for referring to a native-born American as a “Mexican judge”? How come the Left is offended by Trump pointing out his “one African-America [supporter] over there” at a recent rally? After all, aren’t the Left masters at bean-counting Americans by race, ethnicity and gender?


This is one of the chief data points of progressivism—to define a culture by its external, tribalistic differences. Where conservatives see a melting pot, progressives see hyphens. Where Christians see a unity in the diversity given to us by the imagination of our Creator, progressives believe true diversity can only be achieved if we have disunity with our Creator. The end result is that instead of those differences working together to reflect the imago dei, those differences remain what separate and define us.

This explains why the Left’s native tongue is race-baiting. They can’t help themselves. When you see history primarily through the prism of warring tribes made up of naturally evolved beings each trying to dominate the other, and not through the supernatural lens of creation/fall/redemption, you will communicate accordingly.

Ironically, though, guess who else communicates this way? Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Himself a progressive, Trump sees the world exactly the way the Left does. It’s just that his populist nationalism flips the coin, and has different groups being victimized by competing tribes of alleged boogeyman than the Left prefers. In Trump’s America the shoe is on the other foot, but it’s the same pair of shoes.

Where the Left preaches racial minorities being kept down by “the man” as an excuse for why someone didn’t take the responsibility upon themselves to become a productive citizen, it’s now “bad trade deals” that are to blame for the jobs of unskilled whites being lost to the global tech boom. 

Of course, there is an element of truth to each side’s victimology narrative – America has struggled with racism throughout its history, and some working class whites have suffered due to globalization – which is why it’s so effective. However, the scam of race-baiting victimology is that the solutions it seeks only serve to make the problem worse.


Conservatives are right to be abhorred that the man the Republican Party is trying to convince us to support for the highest office in all the land is a populist race-baiter. The likes of which we haven’t seen since George Wallace was running for president. He was a Democrat, by the way.

Conservatives are trying to conserve the virtues, values, ideals and traditions that have proven throughout history to improve the human condition. Therefore, conservatives don’t divide the world by states of being (race, gender, etc.) but by ideologies. Conservativism opposed totalitarianism from the Soviet Kremlin (overwhelmingly Caucasian) and Castro’s Cuba (overwhelmingly Hispanic) alike. 

To avoid admitting the failure of its own ideology, progressives have to convince the American people we’re racist/misogynist/xenophobes—caricatures conservatives have been fighting back against for most of my life as well, which is why conservatives should be among the first condemning Trump’s race-baiting.

The Left should see its own reflection. 

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