Why Rubio Never Had a Chance

Source: Conservative Review | 2 March, 2016 | Madden

Last night, desperate to be relevant on a Super Tuesday dominated by two rivals, Sen. Marco Rubio tried to offer the voters a reason to take comfort in his candidacy:

What people are saying is fight as hard as you can to save the party of Lincoln and Reagan… I will fight as long and as hard as it takes to save this party and the conservative movement from someone like Donald Trump.

I could not get to Twitter fast enough:

Speaking from the same city in which he announced his candidacy 11 months earlier, Marco Rubio has indeed come full circle… with exactly one victory to show for it. 

Perhaps it is time for his campaign to come face to face with the hard lessons of this past year. Voters do not care one wisp about the health of the Republican Party. If anything, they seem content to memorialize it in favor of a liberal billionaire whose sole appeal is that he cannot be confused for anyone in it. And yet amid this upending tidal wave, we have candidates like Rubio clutching to the continual misdiagnosis that party unity and brand protection are somehow pot sweeteners for a disgruntled electorate. 

The game has changed forever. The old way is finished. The “party” as we knew it has been put out to pasture for endless crimes against those whose faith in its promises has been proven naïve.

Now the Grand Old Party will either evolve or perish. Staying the same is not in the cards.

The GOP has been prized and adored in generations past for its willingness to be an engine for conservative achievements. These past six years, voters have gotten a look under the hood. They now know that despite the façade of metallic red and all the grumbles of a motor, the vehicle is going nowhere. They are not looking to revive the party; they are desperate to save the future. Put aside primary outcomes and delegate math. If Rubio cannot see this simple truth, he never had a chance of beating Trump to begin with.

2016 has confounded the free world. Now the Grand Old Party will either evolve or perish. Staying the same is not in the cards.

Nietzsche said that a good joke is the “epithet on the death of a feeling.” What is the Donald except the best joke in the political universe?

Gaston Mooney is Executive Editor of Conservative Review. 


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  • slhancock1948 #1995

    We need to keep praying for Cruz, of course, but we need to pray that Rubio decides to do the right thing and drop out. Why give the nomination to Trump? Staying in till the 15th makes it a lot harder for Cruz. I understand that God can do anything, nothing is too hard for Him. I continue to pray, anyway!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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