Why the GOP May be Headed Toward the Zombie Apocalypse

Source: Conservative Review | April 16, 2016 | Steve Deace

The GOP is hanging by a string to many of the listeners of my radio show, and how this summer’s likely contested convention is handled has the potential to finish it off for good according to calls we took from all over the country during an on-air focus group this week.

Whether they supported Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, caller after caller made one thing abundantly clear: If party insiders attempt to manipulate the gathering in Cleveland into anointing someone other than Trump or Cruz, then welcome to the zombie apocalypse. With the Republican Party starring in “The Walking Dead.”


The suspicion surrounding the potential of the party’s first contested convention in 40 years is unmistakable. That’s why I am being peppered more than ever before with process-related questions heading into an election, and that includes my three stints as a national go-to guy about the ins and outs of the Iowa Caucuses. People are looking under every rock for a traitor in their midst.


Then this from the next caller:

“I have voted with all sincerity (for the nominee) but I won’t do that again for them,” he said. “I won’t carry the water. We have a Reagan-like man. We have a Lincoln-like man. The only difference is that Ted Cruz is alive and he is ready to do a job that we desperately need. I will not support any candidate (the GOP establishment) supports ever again. What I’ve seen is disappointment after disappointment.”

I’m not sure how the GOP establishment could possibly be in more hot water than they are right now with the average member of the Republican grassroots. But one thing is certain: those good and decent folks believe the leaders who have failed them so often in the past aren’t done trying to screw things up even worse.

They couldn’t even secure a candidate more viable to do their bidding in 2016 than John Kasich. That pathetic fact alone should disqualify them from having any influence during the coming convention showdown. In fact, my listeners are insisting on that.

My listeners are tired of not being listened to, and have made it clear if their voices aren’t heard this time they will take it upon themselves to send the GOP a message it couldn’t possibly miss.

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