Why This Was Conservatism's Best Week In A Long, Long Time

Source: Conservative Review | April 9, 2016 | Steve Deace

If you’re a true conservative, you might be having your best week in recent memory.

First, there’s the news the Republican Party is so desperate to avoid certain election defeat with Donald Trump as the nominee that they’re actually unifying behind Ted Cruz as the alternative. Who just so happens to be the most consistently conservative major candidate for president in my lifetime.


Wrongly assuming that Trump will be the Republicans’ 2016 nominee, allowing Democrats to coast on the strength of Trump’s boundless weaknesses.

Nominate the only person who can reunite the Republican Party, because with Trump’s divisive presence out of the way Republicans will come together over their shared disdain for Hillary.

At the same time, fracture the Democrat base by broadly supporting the Clinton camp’s attempts to smear Bernie Sanders and his supporters so that Democrats — not Republicans as expected — are who emerge as the party of schism this fall.

  • – Fatally underestimate the electoral chances of the two men now most likely to be the Republican presidential nominee in November: Cruz and John Kasich. Set aside for a moment that Hillary may have a better chance of being the Republican nominee than Kasich. What HuffPo is pointing out here is voters aren’t nearly as scared and dismayed at the prospect of elevating Republicans not named Trump to the presidency.
  • – Fail to nominate their most popular candidate, Sanders, which gives them the best chance to beat Cruz. Of course, the fact Sanders the zany socialist is their most popular candidate speaks volumes, but I digress.
  • – Freeze one of the most popular Democrats, Sanders, out of the picture nationally altogether. Because Cruz has a better shot of being Hillary’s running mate than Bernie does. Which is to say Bernie has no shot at all.
  • – By rejecting Sanders’ call for a fifty-state general-election campaign, Hillary could endanger typically solid-Democrat states in the Midwest like Michigan and Wisconsin come November. Both were states where Hillary underperformed in the primary.
  • – Do nothing whatsoever to address outstanding concerns about the character, integrity, and judgment of the party’s frontrunner. And why this wasn’t number one is beyond me.



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    ConstitutionalConservative #4147

    I would say this has been the best week conservatives have had somewhat more specifically than a long time, but for decades. There are two main reasons I see for it, first is Ted Cruz the only conservative presidential candidate we have had for same said decades. Secondly all of us who support Ted Cruz, all of us who have been waiting, prodding and probing decades for a real conservative candidate.
    Now we cannot, must not let this opportunity go to waste. Personally I have had enough of the lousy choices we had since Reagan, choices that have left our Republic hanging by thread on the edge of total and complete destruction.

    I was also thinking we could go back to the contract with America as a most recent best, still over two decades, but didn’t that fizzle out right in front of eyes, could that have been a scam designed by the establishment to put conservatives back to sleep, a sly demonstration that we need not worry they are taking care of things, it did result in republicans taking the House for the first time in forty years but to what end, look what it has become, having control in theory, out of control in practice, maybe it is just me but I have always been and still am suspect of Newt.

    Anyway I tend to rant a lot, make no never mind of it, that is just what I do and truthfully about all I can do these days of mostly confining, meandering health.

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