Will they Cruzify Ted?

Source: The Spectator | February 11, 2016 | David Flint

The progressive elites will try to do to Cruz what they did to Abbott

The American mainstream media, the Republican Party establishment and the Democratic Party are determined that Ted Cruz not be sworn in as the 45th president.

Anyone with that opposition must be formidable.

That he is. Campaigning against Federal ethanol subsidies in Iowa, a major corn producing state, and against all poll predictions, Cruz defeated the media’s favourite, Donald Trump, receiving more votes than any Republican candidate ever had. Cruz is the candidate most motivated by his attachment to traditional American principles. For his opponents, these are principles to which lip service only should be accorded these days. But the principles under which a Cruz administration would operate are the very ones on which the American Republic was founded.

Cruz does not merely mouth the proposition that all men have been endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, he lives by this. As Texas Solicitor General he had been one of America’s most successful public constitutional lawyers, with a string of successes in the Supreme Court. Having memorised it while still a schoolboy, the Constitution remains his guide to the good governance of the Union. By this he means the Constitution according to the original intention of the Founding Fathers, not that fictional ‘living organism’ which is the tool of activist judges who claim it means whatever they want it to mean.

Under President Cruz, Washington will no longer be the feared leviathan, the states will be restored to their rightful place in the constellation, the nation’s Judeo-Christian values will again be respected and the people will regain the full array of economic and political rights to which they are entitled under the Constitution, without the burdens of socialist regulation, endlessly growing public debt and heavy taxation.


Australians should not underestimate this election − it is as important for us as it is to Americans. The USA is not only by far our most important ally, she is, with the United Kingdom (and of course New Zealand and Canada) the country closest to us politically, culturally and in the crucial area of defence, including the sharing of intelligence. In addition, America remains exceptional not only in her economic and military strength but for the example of the economic and political freedom she allows and encourages.

Until the takeover of the Democrats by the socialists − Obama merely led the way for Bernie Sanders − the US was distinguished by a bipartisan reluctance to follow the Europeans down their sterile paths of welfare dependence, state socialism, nanny state regulation and their latest and their most dangerous indulgence, open borders. A Cruz administration would be a shining example of how to set a people free from that suicidal spiral politicians everywhere seek to impose by dispensing welfare to those who do not need it, especially welfare immigrants, while simultaneously burdening an ever decreasing band of producers and workers with the twin evils of heavy taxation and out-of-control debt.



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    Unless reversed by exceptional statesmen like Cruz, these spirals are inevitably doomed to collapse under their own weight, followed by terrible breakdowns in civil society.
    Only Cruz will do what Reagan did − this election is indeed crucial. Australians will not be surprised to see the use of media tricks and treachery similar to those used against their conservative leader, Tony Abbott.

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