Wisconsin and The Heidi Moment

Source: Townhall | April 14, 2016 | Robert Charles

So, every pundit east of Wisconsin is talking New York and delegate math.  Trump is still grousing about gestapo-land, already taking a victory lap in his Democrat-dominated Empire State.  But does it really all matter?  Has something happened with the other top candidate?  Yes, Cruz is sharp, expert at the delegate process, but there is something more.  Did he actually get lift off a week ago, and the moment passed so fast media missed it?  I think so.  I think we got break out by the guy long known as a talented Supreme Court litigator turned politician.  Something has changed.  Something has definitely changed in the heartland over the past ten days.

Maybe it is just spring arriving, maybe quickening pulses in newly important States, maybe just a “feeling” that closure is approaching – but something is suddenly different.  Like the moment fog lifts, cement hardens or a recipe gels, something has changed.  When exactly is not clear, but the presence of something new is in the air.   Some say it is a new confidence and personal peace in Cruz.  Some say it was “The Heidi Moment.”  

On the evening of April 5th, after a stunning comeback in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz delivered the best speech of his campaign.  The speech, which insiders indicate he wrote himself, was Reagan-like.  Cruz projected genuine optimism, hope of a rare and unifying sort, the kind that awakens a great Nation to its better nature.  He held forth a national vision, spoke inclusively, honored past competitors, and quoted incisively from John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill. 

Here, at last, was a presidential candidate becoming more relaxed, somehow taller, stronger in timber and magnanimous.  “We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that will light the way out of darkness,” he credited to Kennedy.  “We once again have hope for the future,” he nodded to Churchill. 

What caused that turn of sentiment, shift in cadence, and elevation of tone?  On the numbers, Wisconsin’s remarkable turnaround, and that day’s foreseeable echo into the future, was part of it.  Down by 10 points two weeks prior, Cruz had never lost hope or focus.  He overcame the deficit to post a 48 percent to 35 percent victory – shocking.  This certainly helped.


There is one last element in play, and it is a big one.  To understand this element, which is assisting the swell to Cruz, one must watch that Cruz victory speech in Wisconsin.  The speech was not Reagan at the Berlin Wall or Normandy, but it harkened to a better time, one in which Americans were “free to choose,” openly patriotic, more secure and more free, sure-footed and unafraid to be themselves, “a beacon on the Hill.” The speech appealed to Reagan Democrats and working Americans, but there was more.  Heidi Cruz.

What happened that night – and is likely to happen in weeks ahead – is that a great candidate came into his own.  And his wife, a working mother and professional, confident, full of character and caring, utterly captured the crowd.  When Ted Cruz lovingly introduced his wife as his “best friend,” and spontaneously asked the crowd if she would not make a wonderful First Lady, the place exploded.  That kind of reaction to a future First Lady has not shown itself for years.  Maybe it was the attacks by Trump on women, including Heidi. Maybe it was her charm, but those moments are rare in politics.  

What does “The Heidi moment” mean?  A lot.  It means that Americans – that night and in the weeks ahead – are waking up to team, a husband and wife of enormous depth, intelligence, character and good will.  Ted Cruz is more than a cogent debater and smart strategist, presidential and ready for battle.  Heidi Cruz is more than a thoughtful Mom, wife and professional woman.  The two of them, together, are what we – as Americans – have been hoping on.  When the final chapter of this race is written, New York will not matter.  The inflection point of the race was that speech, that night in Wisconsin. 

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    slhancock1948 #4468

    That said a lot. I enjoyed seeing the Anderson Cooper interview, end even though he tried to keep going back to DT, Cruz stayed on message. That is so needed. To not let himself become distracted, which is the goal from the other side(s). They want to push him against the wall, get him to say something out of character out of frustration so they can say. “See, he’s no different than the rest.” IF he were not a believer, he’d be like the rest. He is at peace with himself and this campaign because he is at peaces with God. That is an incredible difference. That is the MAIN difference.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #4479

    And his family last night was relaxed even in front of the cameras and people. They will be an asset to the White House after it is fumigated when the present Muslims leave. Obama has bought a seaside mansion in Dubai where he can hear the Muslim call to prayer five times a day. He has said that call is the sweetest sound in the world. Just think, only nine months until he leaves the White House. Glory.

    ConservativeGranny #4484

    I think many women can relate to Mrs. Cruz. At least to me, she is every woman. She is trying to do it all, not always balancing everything perfectly but that is something all modern women seem to struggle with juggling our many roles.

    I don’t know Mrs. Cruz and have never met her but this is just my impressions of what I think I see in her for what it’s worth.

    She doesn’t seem to be much into the over-the-top glam. I doubt we’d see her at a state dinner with “it all hanging out”. She is not frumpy by any means nor boring. She is poised, sure of herself, educated, speaks well, has great faith and belief in God to guide her and raise her girls.

    I’m not one of those that think Melania is gorgeous. I know most of the guys have their tongues hanging out but aside from the obvious, her eyes are very squinty and small. She is always heavily made up with lots of makeup. Makeup can create miracles. Melania could be a very nice person however I just can’t relate to being a trophy wife and posing nude and all that. She is so wealthy that she can have anything she wants. Most of us don’t live that way with our own private jets and gold plated faucets. There is nothing wrong with that but again, the average woman probably would feel more comfortable sitting down and having a cup of coffee with Heidi.

    Heidi wears her makeup and clothing modern but conservative and very classic. She is very pretty in an “All-American girl” way. She is the typical college graduate married woman with a couple of children and a very good career that she has put on hold to possibly serve as our First Lady.

    She is no arm candy for any man and she surely seems like she has opinions and probably some very strong ones. However I think she understands the role of the President and that of the First Lady well and would do a fantastic job. She would want to serve the country in her role and be a strong support for her husband.

    I will be curious to see what cause she takes up as her own as First Lady. Surely it will not be growing a veggie garden and spending billions of taxpayer dollars flying all over the world for freebie vacations. And think of what a relief it will be to see a well-dressed First Lady with taste! No more of those awful images of Michelle wearing the godawful things she has worn over the years. She will be lovely and gracious hostess who can hold an intelligent conversation on many issues and hold her own with world leaders and their wives. She is a strong woman. These campaign must be hell for the wives.

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    EVERYDAY #4502

    I too am not enamored with Melania Trump. I keep hearing how smart she is. Well, I wish she would take some of Little Donnie’s alleged billions and buy some English lessons. Ok, I have hearing loss, but I can’t understand her when she talks. Must be the accent, I guess. Maybe if she could lessen that accent…

    Agreed that Heidi Cruz is stylish and classy. Now I’m no fashion plate, but those “get-ups” Michelle wears — ugh!

    True story: A few years ago I was in the DC area, so of course, I had to tour at least part of the Smithsonian. One building had a display of First Lady gowns. Many of them were exquisite — from the highly fashionable inaugural gown of Jackie Kennedy to the simple but tasteful gowns of Laura Bush. Then there was this ugly sequened white sack worn by Michelle. I thought I was going to ralph. The gown looked bad even without Michelle in it.

    It will be great to have class, decorum and intelligence in the White House again. Mrs. Cruz should be reason enough to vote for her husband.

    Consistent #4513

    ConservativeGranny #4557

    Thanks for the video of Heidi talking about her vision of her job if she was First Lady. I like that she will be a fighter for school choice.

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