With God As My Witness, I Will Never Vote For Donald Trump.

Source: Independent Journal Review Online | Unknown | Rick Wilson

Many on the right have come forward in the past few days to outline why they will never vote for Trump, and their reasons are articulate, principled, eloquent, and moving. If it wasn’t already abundantly clear from the last eight months, let me join the chorus; I will never vote for Donald Trump.



I will never vote for Donald Trump to toe the “he’s my nominee” line because if he wins my party’s nomination it means the GOP has sold itself to a soulless, utterly unprincipled liberal narcissist bent on its destruction and that of conservatism. I will never vote for Donald Trump, because it would require the complete abdication of every political value that informs my life; a reverence for the Constitution and the Republic and for limited-government conservative principles that shaped this nation and that continue to represent the only viable opposition to the galloping growth of the state. I will never vote for Donald Trump because the solution to a Washington’s crony capitalism problems isn’t to elect an even more egregious and lavishly corrupt crony capitalist.




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  • EVERYDAY #6141

    There is more wrong than right with Trump. This opinion articulates those problems. How any supposed “conservative” could support Trump is beyond me. Only explanation is that they were never conservative in the first place.

    mostlyhomebound #6142

    Me neither.

    ConstitutionalConservative #6148

    When I read that I thought okay I want to be FAIR to Trump (the fair monger) I’ll make a list of pro and cons about Trump. I wanted to start with the pro’s, can someone out there help me get started? I’m drawing a blank.

    EVERYDAY #6153

    CC: There are no “pros.” The Republican Party nominated 2 losers in the last 2 presidential elections who were only marginally better than Obama. Trump isn’t even marginally better than Hillary. There is nothing in him that would redeem him in my eyes. In fact, Trump is even worse than Hillary. Although I don’t like the idea, I can understand why some conservatives are willing to vote for Hillary in November. At least with Hillary, we know what we’re getting. Trump is dangerous and he and his followers are menacing. I fear a Trump presidency more than a Hillary presidency.

    slhancock1948 #6211

    Sorry, but no pros…and I remain firmly in the #Never Trump campaign. I’ll be writing in Cruz.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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