Yesterday, the Republicans Elected Hillary Clinton

Source: The Resurgent | July 19, 2016 | Erick Erickson

When next week comes, the GOP will console itself with a traditional post-election bump in the polls, but it will not last. Yesterday, in Cleveland, the GOP did the one thing we must not allow to happen for the future of this country. They elected Hillary Clinton.

Having repudiated years of Republicans declaring that character counts by nominating Donald Trump, the GOP yesterday repudiated rule of law on, ironically enough, their “law and order” day of the convention.

The secretary of the convention went into hiding surrounded by armed guards so as not to receive a petition of states demanding a roll call vote on rules. Then the delegates wanting the roll call released their names to the media. The Trump and RNC forces, now fully together the establishment, began harassing those delegates including threatening Iowa’s first in the nation status.

The convention stayed in recess until enough delegates had been threatened. Then the chair rules the “ayes” won a vote when just about every outside observer heard more no votes. But a roll call was not to be had.

Republicans needed to stop Hillary Clinton. But they nominated the one candidate who will not beat Hillary Clinton. Then, in nominating him, the GOP abandoned all pretense of being the party that cares about character and rule of law.


It will do it all because the Republicans had a chance to beat Hillary Clinton, but chose instead to commit suicide in Cleveland.

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    The party is already dead to me. This is just the nail in the coffin.

    Trump will not have the votes of real conservatives or of the Democrats who voted for him in the primaries. And the Republican Party will suffer its third presidential defeat in a row. It deserves to die on the vine.

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