Young Republican official resigns over 'racist, hateful' Trump

Source: Washington Examiner | May 24, 2016 | Rudy Takala

A Young Republican official announced on Monday evening that she is resigning her national position over what she calls the “racist, hateful, fascist” party of Donald Trump.

“I can no longer continue to carry out the duties of this position,” Katrina Elaine Jorgensen wrote on Facebook, announcing that she was resigning as the national communications chair for the Young Republicans. “My principles will not allow it.”

“We have been told for years how we are the future of the party, this is our opportunity to seize that future,” added Jorgensen, who also heads the Young Republicans of South Carolina. “But if we have instead decided to uphold a man who does not represent us or our views — a man that has belittled war heroes, explicitly stated misogynist beliefs, relied on intimidation of minorities, insulted our international allies, rewarded violence, championed divisive rhetoric and proved completely uneducated in conservative fiscal policy — I cannot participate in that.”


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  • Consistent #6459

    Consistent #6460

    ConstitutionalConservative #6467

    I applaud her decision but I have to wonder what took her so long, it has been evident from the beginning Trump is not a republican nor a conservative.
    Better late than never can be said but when I once and only once said that to mother in an arrogant cocky manner she fiercely answered back “no you must learn it is better never late“.
    She did not abide with foolishness evidently a trait sorely lacking in parenting today, although she was I’m sure not the first to say that she was the first and only one to say that to me, timeliness is my watch word to this day, its benefits are profoundly profitable, her wisdom was and always will be of great value to me.

    EVERYDAY #6469

    The party will hemorrhage the best and the brightest, and its ruin will be a deserved fate.

    slhancock1948 #6470

    Yes, Trump will have destroyed the republican party. He’s rather proud of ti, if you ask me.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Consistent #6477

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