Cruz and Trump poised for the ugliest debate yet

Source: Politico | February 13, 2016 | Katie Glueck and Ben Schreckinger

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump enter Saturday’s debate locked in a two-man race for South Carolina, and to prepare, both have gone full negative.

After splitting the first two votes, the New York billionaire has relentlessly hammered away at Cruz on everything from his campaign’s tactics to what Trump sees as the Texan’s character flaws. And on Friday, Trump warned that he has standing to sue Cruz over questions of his birth and constitutional eligibility to serve in the White House.

“If @tedcruz doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen,” Trump tweeted of his rival, born in Canada to an American mother.

Asked about the threat, Cruz did not back down. “There’s more than a little irony in Donald accusing anybody of being nasty given the amazing torrent of insults and obscenities that come out of his mouth on any given day,” he told reporters. “Suddenly every day he comes out with a new attack.”

Trump is expected to carry these attacks onto the stage on Saturday at the final candidate forum before South Carolina votes. It’s a fight Cruz’s allies say they are ready for, as they prepare to assault Trump’s Republican credentials with an eye on the conservative, religious and security-focused voters throughout the south.

“There’s a Himalayan mountain of evidence out there that Donald Trump is not a conservative,” said Charlie Condon, a former South Carolina attorney general and a Cruz surrogate, pointing to Trump’s past positions on issues including abortion, health care and Wall Street bank bailouts. “I’m confident that everything I’m telling you will be discussed at the Peace Center.”

Condon said that the more Trump attacks Cruz on Saturday, the more the Texas senator will come across as the Trump “alternative.”

“It’s a recognition of what we think the reality is: This is becoming a two-man race,” he said. “So if you’re not comfortable with Donald Trump being president, whether for temperament reasons or judgment reasons or the fact that he really is a campaign conservative—he’s been a Democrat almost his whole life…if you’re uncomfortable with that…Cruz is the alternative.”

Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler said the candidate would be “prepared” for Trump, whose campaign he dismissed as unserious. “This is the Seinfeld candidacy,” he said. “It’s a campaign about nothing.”


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  • Consistent #946

    silver pines #949

    Number of lawsuits threatened by orange-faced moron: too many to count.

    Number of lawsuits actually brought: zero.

    Interesting advice for Cruz and others from National Review on how to handle Trump tonight:

    Victoria #952

    I’ll be watching the debate tonight after getting back from church around 7 pm. central time. Surely, they won’t start before 8 pm.

    Silver Pines, I got a Freepmail from ConjunctionJunction wondering if you had been zotted as she had not seen any posts from you recently. I told her you were posting here and copied the link to this place.

    ConstitutionalConservative #955

    Trump attacking in the debate will be playing right into Cruz’s hand, not that his supporters would notice they have been captured by the freak show carnival hawker con man that is Donald Trump.

    slhancock1948 #1027

    Every time I see this I am just left speechless! Obviously this is where Palin gets all her news from…DT’s tweets, so that shows us how shallow she really is. She has left conservatism for the pull of worldly celebrity status. But Trump? Surely he cannot have such a short memory or expect US to have such that we are going to let him get away with his crassness, his outright lying and his non-policy answers. He gives nothing but generalizations. Just “Trust me.” Yeah right! Remember that Obama won the debates handily and that did not give us a great president. We put WAY TOO MUCH significance on these debates. So, a person can debate well. SO what? That doesn’t really mean a thing. It’s what they are known to stand for and can be relied upon to do. THAT is what really counts. There is only one candidate that we CAN count on.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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