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  • kleindropper #11307

    Last night they showed districts with colleges in them to demonstrate how badly Hillary was doing with millenials compared to Obama. It looks like the Bernie supporters stayed home or voted Trump.

    kleindropper #8418

    The RNC has turned downright disgusting. Any thinking conservative needs to seriously consider a move to a new party and let the Trumpublican party wither on the vine.

    kleindropper #8412

    I don’ know who that group of people in the convention hall was, but it wasn’t a group of conservatives

    kleindropper #8230

    I’ve been LOL’ing all day over this. I heard an audio version with Michelle and Melania speeches overlayed on top of each other and it is hilarious.

    kleindropper #5792

    Looks to me like the Republican party is a lost cause at least for the next 6 months. So 60%-70% of the party will leave prior to the election, and when Trump gets throttled in November the lazy Trumpsters will give up and leave.

    Seems to me a good rebuild could start right after this election, which is why it’s good to keep tabs on who went with the liberal fascist and who stood by their conservative principles.

    kleindropper #5708

    If Hillary is already above 50% it is over. Well known candidates like her do not lose support; the only chance for Trump was if there were enough undecideds to squeak past her @ 49%.

    The fact that the Libertarian will probably get a solid 15-20% of the vote also dooms Trump to a throttling.

    My early prediction: Hillary 55% Trump 35% Other 20%

    45 states to Hillary. Both Senate and House flip Democrat due to a totally demoralized Republican base. 25 million new Democrats made citizens a few short months later. The next time a Republican wins he will be a hispanic who speaks English as a second language.

    kleindropper #5707

    Disgusting. This is new for me, having absolutely zero hope and zero motivation politically 6 months before a presidential election.

    Even with McCain, I was revitalized with Palin (I was working hard in a local election that year to dislodge a RINO too.)

    kleindropper #5678

    Dark days are ahead. Be prepared.

    Do not count on the Constitution or the law to protect you; that is all clearly out the window. It’s mob rule now whoever gets in.

    I came to the realization 10 years ago that good honest, hard working people are now the minority in this country. The rest are out to scam, violate or take. This new majority now has the reins of government and will retain them when either Trump or Hillary take office.

    kleindropper #5648

    Ugh the last two polls have been less than encouraging. I’m gonna be pretty depressed if a midwest state like Indiana is dumb enough to fall for Trump’s fantasies. What has happened to this country?

    kleindropper #5465

    Fox News radio has reported that Pence is endorsing Cruz; this could swing Indiana into Wisconsin-like results.

    kleindropper #5411

    What are they saying about this on Trump Republic and Trumpbart? I bet they really appreciate being on the same side as John Boehner.

    kleindropper #5382

    I haven’t had cable for almost 2 years so Fox News is not a problem for me.

    kleindropper #5381

    Trump has really opened my eyes about some of my fellow “conservatives”. Many of them don’t care a lick about the country, values, or the Constitution; it turns out they are just anarchists.

    That’s why so many Trump people are having a hard time choosing between Trump and Sanders. There is not ideology behind it, only anarchy and hatred.

    kleindropper #5169

    I’ve always been a Cruz/Rubio guy but I find Cruz/Kasich acceptable. If they are already working together, it’s a real possibility.

    Don’t forget what Rubio has said about Cruz either. Rubio will not release his delegates to ensure they don’t go to Trump.

    So that is the 3 major candidates (13.1 million votes / 56% of the total) against Trump (8.8 million votes / 38%) – which side should the party side with: the 2/3rds or the 1/3?

    kleindropper #4911

    As an experiment, (if I were brave) I would put my hair in pig tails and waltz into my health club’s women’s locker room and start gabbing with the gals as I strip down and head to the shower.

    Maybe if a few thousand guys did this, people would start to get the message.

    kleindropper #4909

    Thread has been pulled. That place is a mess.

    kleindropper #4886

    So Trump’s positions today:

    – Huge tax increases
    – Letting old men shower with little girls
    – Making abortion legal
    – Amnesty

    Sounds like a rock solid Republican alright!!!

    kleindropper #4801

    I’m truly disgusted that 1 million New Yorkers voted for a slimy crook, 800,000 voted for a communist, and 500,000 voted for a liberal Hillary acolyte on the Repbulican side. What a gross state.

    kleindropper #4366

    Yes I can see it.

    kleindropper #4349

    Andrew Breitbart: “Of course he’s (Trump) not a conservative”

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