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  • plewis #5833

    Screw tradition. Screw old practices.

    Echo chamber for all!!!

    My prayer is something stops this charlatan before July…

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    plewis #5736

    LOL! Love the first one. At least there will be some consolation getting a big laugh out of these ads. Trump was literally making these for Hillary the entire time he has been in the race but Trumpsters were too blinded to see it.

    Not sure LOVE is the emotion I have…

    Dismay maybe?

    These are just the beginning.

    I predict that if the RNC actually pulls the trigger on the gun pointed at its head, November will be a 25-35 point loss to HRC…

    plewis #5022

    Thank you for the compliments.

    I really was trying to respond with gentleness and logical points.

    There is a clear point in their thinking at which we split ways, but it was the first time a Trump person had reached out to me in a civil manor.

    They probably think I chickened out.

    Oh well.

    plewis #4957

    Oh I am definitely #NeverTrump #OnlyCruz.

    I was walking a thin line surrounding “supporting the nominee” per the edict over at FR.

    I was hoping it would be a nonissue once Cruz won the nomination, but I was zotted last night (13 years…. gone.) for “trolling”…

    plewis #4910

    I mainly want to see what happens when Cruz defeats Trump…

    The heads are going to EXPLODE…

    June 7th cannot come soon enough!

    plewis #4878

    Yeah, I would agree, he cannot help his disability.

    He can help supporting the liberal Trump though… for that, there is no excuse.

    plewis #4870


    These morons whom have but so much faith in such a charlatan…

    Thank God Cruz will kick his rear at the convention.

    plewis #4868

    At least they are consistent…

    Next they’ll be saying Cruz’s kids are actually babies from an alien abduction Heidi had 9 years ago…

    plewis #4867

    I wish Trump would debate Cruz one on one…
    but alas, he is a coward…

    Trump The Cowardly Lion

    plewis #4866

    I’ve managed to allude zotting for a while…
    I’m sure my days are numbered though.

    plewis #4527

    I can’t figure why he would not endorse Cruz rather than just saying I voted for Ted and endorsement carries much more weight. Makes me wonder if McConnell has threatened to punish any who endorse. Nah that wouldn’t happen would it?

    Take what we can get I guess, but I am still somewhat dismayed this far into the Primary senators should be flocking to Cruz. I know they see Cruz as a threat to their do nothing go along to get along status. Well they are right to think that President Cruz will make them put up or shut up and to lead, follow or get out of the way. He will make the republicans and the democrats current comfort zone extremely uncomfortable.

    It may be a strategic decision, similar to the Walker one.
    At least that’s what I’m hoping.

    plewis #4515

    What I do not quite understand, and maybe its because I’m unfamiliar with the process, but why would a potential Cruz delegate ever have to step aside for a former Rubio/Jeb delegate as the article mentions?

    He says it is to form a broad coalition, but that does concern me a tad.

    Maybe its just my lack of understanding the process at that level?

    plewis #4188

    I personally believe he is jaded by the social implications of not backing Trump.

    One of the most prominent social scenes for Palm Beach is Mar-del-Lago, Trump’s home turned private club.

    Rush lives and is quite active int th socialite scene in Palm Beach. He met his wife in these same circles.

    He is only a human being, and likely feels pressure for not backing the owner of the club. I’m sure he would never admit this, but I honestly feel it’s what’s at the root of his behavior regarding Trump.

    What’s really killing him, is he has said for years conservatism is the only solution if we would just elect folks who supported it. And he has said Trump is not an ideologue, yet is somehow going to lead to success.

    I understand the desire to not pick a side, but I believe this a critical error on Rush’s part. For every excuse you have to make for a candidate, you are putting your neck on the line, you are endorsing the behavior without officially endorsing.

    Clear example: the abortion topic.

    Any sane person whom is being honest about their belief structure, would completely abandon Trump after that fiasco. It proved out one of 2 things, either he was a complete moron when it comes to abortion, or he is lying to us about what he believes.

    The excuse Rush has regarding this being because Trump was applying punishment to a legal matter is bunk. If Trump is that foolish he cannot understand a principle components of the party platform, he has no business running for President.

    Rush showed his cards, by excusing Trump, he dismissed the candidate being completely opposite of a core principle… He staked his reputation on it, and lost.

    Hope it was worth it Rush, because I have a feeling it may have been a mortal blow.

    plewis #3885

    Still a long road, but this is an invigorating victory!!!

    plewis #3870

    I bet Cruz walks away with half of the NY delegates…

    plewis #1542


    plewis #1024

    The GOP will not be dumb enough to allow a nomination thru in an election year.

    Just not going to happen.

    There is precedent for denying a lame duck nomination as well:

    plewis #886

    Quite disgusting.

    Many conservative who backs this disgrace should be ashamed.

    Donald Trump and his sycophant followers are deranged and MUST be stopped for the continuation of the republic.

    plewis #569

    He has this evangelicals vote… Though I was not dormant…

    How anyone could just not vote is beyond me.

    At least do a write in if nothing else…

    plewis #234

    Go Cruz Go!!!

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