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Are you looking for a welcoming community, free of nasty, crude comments, where you can have fun discussing current affairs, hobbies and other interests, make new friends and maybe even learn something new?

The Conservative Circle is just such a place.
We have all the great features* you love, including:

  • Knowledgeable members
  • Your own personal profile page
  • Custom tagline / signature block
  • Sidebar menus for breaking news, recent comments, etc.
  • Ping lists

In addition we have many more features* you won’t find in other forums:

  • Mobile friendly – read and converse on the go, via your smartphone or tablet
  • Easily embed tweets, video and sound clips in your posts
  • Fun, Friendly members who share your values
  • Your personal image / avatar (via Gravatar)
  • You can “Subscribe” to a topic/thread to be informed of activity
  • No trolls or abusive behavior tolerated
  • You will not be banned, restricted or harassed just for a belief or candidate support (but you may have to be ready to give us their conservative credentials)
  • Private forums for members only
  • Easy, one-step posting
  • Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Easy to format your posts and insert pictures
  • Easy to cut and paste news excerpts – no HTML knowledge required

*Available features vary depending on membership level.

If you want to join a circle of like-minded Constitutional Conservative thinkers, participate in lively and interesting, but civil discussions and make new friendships or re-connect with old friends without nasty, crude comments, abusive treatment, personality cults or unreasonable threats of banning, then join us today.