Victoria #1169

“I heard this weekend that the Justice was friendly with Justice Ginsburg, as liberal Democrat a they come. It may be that he could socialize with Democrats without being influenced by them. I haven’t seen anything in his opinions to indicate he was influenced by anyone except God and the Constitution.”

Being a friend of Ginsburg is not a problem. Being friendly to a wealthy Democrat who is a friend of Obama, who flies him to his ranch where no pilot can go unless he has a code and Ginsburg telling his security people not to come and dies with none of his people there, is a problem beyond the fact he could be beholden to the wealthy Democrat after that trip.

I just read his doctor saw him twice in two days before he went on that trip. The only problem he had when he went to his doctor, was a sore shoulder and an MRI was done on the shoulder. He presented with no other medical problem at that time. The doctor would have automatically listened to the judge’s heart so he did not find a problem then.

I also just read NO medical person saw the body. The Federal agent who went there said he didn’t see any reason for it not being a normal death and he told the justice of the peace that on the phone and the justice of the peace told the county judge that over the phone and the county judge (woman named Cinderella for goods sake), ruled it a normal death over the phone.

I heard from a trusted source yesterday that Justice Clarence Thomas has received a message that he is next.