Victoria #1615

I was an hour late getting in. I thought it was 8:30 central time but it was eastern time.

Cruz has done very well and Trump has made his ususal nonsense talk and face screw ups. Rubio just can’t handle being president. If we had Cruz with Kasich as his vice president, things would get taken care of.

I say Kasich because I watched him balance the US budget the last time it was done and he knows how to do it. It really upset me when he left the US government because he was so fine. He is a man of knowledge and heart. People on FR make fun of Kasich and they know nothing of how fine he was for us in the US House.

About a year ago, there was a possibility we might move from Texas to Ohio to live across the street from his son. I was willing to live in Ohio with Kasich as governor. We could still move there in the future as we are getting older (by the day) and that would be family close by. I would not move to a state with a Democrat governor.

I think this debate was good for Cruz and not so much for Trump. I am waiting for Trump to say something so horrible, it sinks him.