Cruz for President Launches New Ad, “Nevada Land”

Source: Cruz News | February 18, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, the Cruz for President campaign launched a new TV ad, “Nevada Land.” In the ad, Cruz makes his pledge to the people of Nevada that he will fight to restore the ownership of its land back to the people and get rid of the government regulations. Whereas, Donald Trump has refused to say he’d give the land back to the people of Nevada.

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“Nevada Land”
TV: 30

CRUZ: Eighty five percent of Nevada is owned and regulated by the federal government.

And Donald Trump wants to keep big government in charge.

That’s ridiculous.

You, the people of Nevada, not Washington bureaucrats, should be in charge of your own land.

If you trust me with your vote, I will fight day and night to return full control of Nevada’s lands to its rightful owners – its citizens. Count on it.

I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this message.


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  • Consistent #1302

    Very good! Right to the point.

    rodamala #1338

    Agreed. To the point. A firm stance and campaign promise that may convince everyone in “flyover” Nevada, that Cruz is their man.

    The cesspools of Las Vegas and Reno will certainly be hard to attract.

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