Have You Noticed That Drudge is A Trump Propaganda Site? So Has Ted Cruz!

Source: Politistick | April 11, 2016 | Matthew K. Burke

Anyone who goes to the Drudge Report can’t help but notice that like Breitbart News, it has been fundamentally transformed into a propaganda website to elect bloviating billionaire and reality game show host Donald Trump.

Someone else has noticed too, constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who is presently in second place behind the New York liberal, but has been quickly closing the gap over the past three weeks.

On Monday, while campaigning in California, a state which promises to be pivotal to Republicans for the first time in decades, appeared on San Diego radio host Mike Slater’s radio program, telling Slater that the Drudge Report is now a “Trump attack site.”

After Mike Slater gave the example of a recent head-snapping Drudge headline that seemed to be particularly not only anti-Cruz but also anti-Christian, Cruz praised the news aggregator for its success over the years of exposing liberalism, but noted that it is clearly a Trump propaganda site.


Instead, today, as if they’re regurgitating Trump’s unhinged Twitter feed, the site is full of links to articles accusing Ted Cruz of somehow stealing delegates at the Colorado GOP convention over the weekend, an event Donald Trump chose not to attend.

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    Trump makes a point in every speech to say how much he loves Drudge and suddenly the Drudge site gets thousands of hits and the Ad revenues flow. Like Trump, Drudge has never been a conservative he tries to give that impression because that’s the ideology that is and has been dominate and that is where the money is. I think like so many others he will ultimately regret throwing in with Trump.


    rodamala #4296


    A couple weeks ago I was in the truck heading to a job site 3 hours away. That morning I got the rare chance to tune in and listen to Glenn Beck’s radio program.

    He had a guy on (forget his name), but they were talking about the whole National Enquirer hit piece (that has since fizzled out) where Trump’s buddy David Pecker was using his tabloid to slander Cruz.

    The guest was trying to remain professional in explaining the Trump/Pecker connection, but he could not resist the opportunity to say the words “Trump loves Pecker”, multiple times.

    It was pretty funny, in really immature 13 year-old boy way.

    silver pines #4319

    That hashtag, LOL!

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