Jan. 6 committee taps former Bush administration official as top lawyer

Source: The Hill | September 17, 2021 | Rebecca Beitsch

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol has hired a former Bush administration official to serve as its top legal adviser.

The panel tapped John F. Wood, a former U.S. attorney and adviser to former Attorney General John Ashcroft, to work as its senior investigative counsel.

“Mr. Wood has an impressive track record working inside and outside of government, and his expertise will enhance our efforts to investigate the events surrounding January 6th and understand what led to the attack against the U.S. Capitol that day. Furthermore, his addition to the Committee staff underscores the nonpartisan nature of our work,” Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said in a joint statement.

“The committee will continue to put politics aside to get answers the American people deserve about what happened and how to ensure it never happens again,” they said.

Wood joins the committee after a stint working as the chief legal officer at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


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    Some people are suspicious of Mr. Wood because years ago, he clerked for Justice Thomas. The Justice’s wife has been accused of financing the trip to DC for some of the participants in the January 6 coup attempt. I don’t know if that story about Mrs. Thomas is true, but even if it is, who knows whether Mr. Wood has had any association with the Thomases since his clerkship? Hopefully, Mr. Wood has been questioned on this matter.

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