Live Discussion: April 26 Primaries (CT, DE, MD, PA, RI)

Source: | April 26, 2016 |

Tuesday, April 26 — 172 Delegates Total

Connecticut…….28 Delegates, Winner Take Most, Closed Primary
Delaware……16 Delegates, Winner Take All, Closed Primary
Maryland……38 Delegates, Winner Take All (district & state), Closed Primary
Pennsylvania….71 Delegates, Loophole, Closed Primary
Rhode Island…19 Delegates, Proportional, Open Closed Caucus (I & R)

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    The media is going to make hay of these Primaries today, all good news for Trump all bad news for Cruz even if he does better than expected they will still report it is all over for Cruz. We know that despite what will be reported it is not even near over, eventually Trump will be stopped from getting 1237 and then though it will not be reported in the media it is over for Trump, at that point Cruz cannot be stopped.

    Neverdul #5250

    I just got back from voting here in south central PA. Not many people there midmorning and thankful no poll workers either.

    I voted for Cruz and for the Cruz delegate Marilyn Gillespie.

    FWIW, on my county’s GOP website they have a delegate voter’s guide which I found helpful in selecting two other delegates.

    Edwin Matthias is for Cruz but said he would “If the convention is not contested, will vote for the person who has reached the threshold.”

    Andrew J. Ritter Jr said “Representative of the 4th Congressional District. On a second ballot will focus squarely on nominating the individual, be them in the race now or not, who is best for this country and our party for generations to come and shares our constitutional and conservative values.” That sounds like #NeverTrump to me at least I hope so.

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    Voted early this morning. Nearly empty.

    mostlyhomebound #5256

    In Maryland.

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    Voted around 10:30 am (Pennsylvania). The polling place has 9 machines plus a spare just in case. Only 3 other people, although a few more came in while I was leaving. I expected a crowd since we had torrential rain earlier this morning with more storms expected later this afternoon, and I figured most people not working would want to take advantage of the lull in the weather. But maybe more voters will come after work tonight.

    I live in a town with an abundance of seniors and EBT free stuff residents. All of the voters I saw were seniors. No one who looked like a free stuff person. I would have guessed that by 10:30 am, the lard butts would have been out of bed and at the polls, but no. In 2012 the polls were crowded with Obama voters. I suppose, since no one provided them with free transportation, they aren’t going to bother voting this time.

    By the way, Republicans here had a choice of three delegates, all of whom are uncommitted. Was hoping for at least one committed to Ted Cruz. One of my Democrat friends said she had a couple of committed delegates on her ballot. SIGH!

    Victoria #5276

    I have been busy today doing things to get ready to leave here tomorrow for a trip, so I haven’t been watching TV to have any idea what is happening at the polls. I expect Trump to start screaming that Ted and Kasich should get out as it is evident he (Trump) is going to be anointed King! (I can’t stand that pos.)

    Let’s keep coming back to this thread when we get info. I find CNN keeps track of numbers better than Fox and CNN’s numbers are larger and easier to read.

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