Sarah Palin says Ted Cruz detonated "suicide vest" in Cleveland.

Source: Ben Domenech's Tweet | July 25, 2016 |

Sarah Palin: “Conveniently, oppressors of this nationalist revolution found a way to save face. The obvious wall-writing told them they’d lose money and influence if they continued fighting AGAINST the majority, so the donor class scattered from their polarizing candidate when Ted Cruz’s suicide vest detonated at the GOP convention.”

“Beck and his ilk showed they don’t oppose politics of personal destruction they used to rail against with lip service. They actually participate in Alinsky-like tactics that make the rest of us gag at typical political shenanigans.”

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    Sarah is as delusional as her idol, Trump. The woman is stupid.

     slhancock1948 #8640

    Dear Sarah,

    YOU detonated your suicide vest when you linked up with this con-man you call our national savior. He is a false god, an antichrist. Ted Cruz never once alluded to the fact that he would likely save the country, but, instead, asked us to put godly and time-tested conservative principles back to the test to show that they could do a lot to turn our country back on the right course. Of course, with your head bowed on the floor at Trumps feet, you probably did not hear those things, things you once espoused yourself. Funny how the magic of a reality show freak can turn a once no nonsense conservative into an idiot.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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