Ted Cruz Not Interested in U.S. Supreme Court Service

Source: Texas | May 13, 2016 | Patrick Svitek


“That is not a desire of my heart,” Cruz said in an interview Friday morning on Dallas radio. “I am committed to the fight of ensuring we have strong principled constitutionalists on the court, but I believe that I can do a great more good fighting across the political spectrum.”

Cruz’s remarks come despite the urging of some of his top supporters, especially following the end of his presidential campaign last week. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has suggested presumptive nominee Donald Trump could bring together the GOP by promising to appoint Cruz to the high court.

In the interview, though, the former solicitor general of Texas said he was focused elsewhere. 

“I have had several opportunities in the past to go to the bench, and I certainly deeply respect the job that justices do, but I think our country’s in crisis and I think we need a strong conservative president who will not appoint not just one, but two, three, four, five Supreme Court justices who are principled constitutionalists,” Cruz told host Chris Salcedo of WBAP.


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  • Consistent #6115

    EVERYDAY #6121

    Much as I would be happy to have Ted Cruz as a SCOTUS Justice, I would rather he finish out his Senate term, run for re-election, then run for the presidency again in 2020. He should not accept a SCOTUS nomination from Trump. I wouldn’t trust Trump to nominate him even if he promises to do so. Some sources say Trump has promised Cruz the nomination in exchange for his endorsement and those delegates he has. After the BS Trump pulled on Cruz and his family, Ted should tell Trump where to stick his “deal.” Trump cannot be trusted.

    Myself6 #6126

    I agree “Everyday”… Nevertrump. ever.. and that means his appointments…

    I would rather go to war against his version of america than have a hand at lending it any form of legitimacy…

    ConservativeGranny #6135

    Trump would never keep his promise either. This is a bone that the GOP is trying to throw at conservatives to accept Trump and it’s a joke. How would that make Trump a conservative? We all know that Cruz would never be approved by Congress anyway. It would be a wasted bone. Glad Cruz isn’t falling for it.

    This is the difference between Cruz, who will not compromise his principles and people like Palin, Rubio, Kasich, Christie, Session, Carson etc. who will lick at the ankles of Trump hoping he’ll throw some kind of power their way. Phonies each and every one of them. I don’t know how people like that face their friends and families and look in the mirror every morning. There will be judgement.

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