Ukraine has developed long-range weapon, Zelensky says

Source: The Hill | September 1, 2023 | Nick Robertson

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced Thursday that his country has developed a long-range weapon that can hit targets up to 400 miles away, signaling potential responsibility for a strike on a Russian airport near Estonia on Wednesday.

The Wednesday strikes hit targets in four regions all over southern Russia, as well as Moscow and the airport in Pskov.

Pskov is about 400 miles from the Ukrainian border. Russia says that Ukraine is responsible for the attacks, while the country has not claimed responsibility.

Four military transport planes were destroyed in the Pskov strike, Russian media said. There was no damage or casualties reported by Russian media in the other strikes Wednesday.

The strikes come as the Ukrainian military has reportedly broken through Russian lines in the country’s southwest, some of the first major progress in its late-summer counteroffensive.


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