A little ditty about Ted and Dianne

Source: Politico | June 22, 2018 | Burgess Everett

Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein team up to tackle the migrant family crisis.


Five years later, the once-antagonistic Texan and his California colleague are talking daily. The topic now isn’t guns but how to solve the crisis of migrant families separated on the border. And according to people who’ve witnessed their interactions, the two are getting along quite well.

“I think he’s very constructive,” Feinstein beamed in an interview. “And I’m delighted.”

“She certainly has expressed a strong and, I hope, sincere interest,” Cruz replied. “So we’re working together on legislation that both conferences can support.”

The two senators both represent border states but couldn’t be further apart on immigration. Feinstein wants to pass a “clean” bill to enshrine protections for young immigrants threatened by deportation; Cruz warned that Republicans would lose Congress if they provided “amnesty” to those same people.

But that might be the point: Cruz and Feinstein are trying to hash out a compromise that shields families from being separated and can win a strong majority in the Senate. If these two, of all people, can come to terms on a deal, there’s no reason for anyone in the chamber to vote against it, their colleagues reason.


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