Fox News' Chris Wallace confronts Putin about ‘political enemies’ who are killed or ‘close to it’

Source: Washington Examiner | July 16, 2018 | Diana Stancy Correll

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed a question about the “many” people who oppose him at home in Russia who either “end up dead or close to it.”

“You say nothing happened to you, but I need to ask you, domestically — not internationally, domestically, inside Russia — why is it that so many of the people that oppose Vladimir Putin end up dead or close to it?” Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Putin during a tense interview Monday.

Wallace listed several figures, including Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy who was poisoned earlier this year in the United Kingdom by a military-grade nerve agent. Wallace then pressed Putin on why his political enemies “are attacked.”

“Well, first of all, all of us have plenty of political rivals,” Putin said. “I’m pretty sure President Trump has plenty of political rivals.”

“But they don’t end up dead,” Wallace replied.

“Well, not always — well, haven’t presidents been killed in the United States? Have you forgotten about — well, has Kennedy been killed in Russia or in the United States? Or Mr. King?” Putin said. “What — and what happens to the clashes between police and civil society, and several ethnic groups? Well, that’s something that happens on the U.S. soil. All of us have our own set of domestic problems.”



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