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  •  Reggie Dunlop #5043

    I take FR for what it is, no more and no less. I realized long ago that FR is a business. Its business is a millennialesque “safe space” for an echo chamber. It’s even registered as an LLC. It’s strength over the years was its number of posters and its longevity. They are survivors if nothing else, even though the “players” have changed many times over the years. Each side gets their “glory” and each side gets their “zot turn.” The cycle goes on and on.

     silver pines #5235

    I am shocked by what has happened on FR as well. Every few days I check back in over there and it is really hard to see what a echo chamber it has become. I wish I hadn’t gotten myself banned last month so that I could write an Opus directly challenging Jim Robinson’s increasingly tyrannical crackdown on Cruz supporters.

    Daniel, I still have Jim’s email address from my signup. If you want it, let me know. 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)

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