Whirlwind #1689

Silver Pines, you mentioned about your constant shock of why Trump. I ask myself the same thing also. I know the American people are very angry at what is happening in Washington. We all have the same anger, frustration, but there is something else besides this going on. I know Washington is manipulating the people in a certain direction, they use the news to help them with this. Is America’s time finally coming to an end as a great nation, the Shining City on a Hill that President Reagan talked about for other nations to look to. Is Cruz our last hope of trying to stop the nation from going over the edge. I think the answer is yes, than the answer why Trump or Hillery becomes much more clearer. I believe Christians know the answer why.

Senator Cruz is trying his best to save America from her destruction. You can catch the sadness in his eyes at times, like he is carrying such a heavy burden on his shoulders. He knows that the stakes are high, the end results if he looses are deadly to the constitution and this Republic. He must be both physically and mentally exhausted. He needs our prayers.