slhancock1948 #262

To be honest, FR was losing their conservative flavor over time, and some of the language used there was getting to me. I work in a prison where it is nothing but gutter language. I don’t want to come home and read a site that was once the gem of conservatism, but had fallen into disarray and coarseness. Not only that, it’s been some time, even before Trump announced that you could not have a civil discourse on some subjects. I know any site changes after a while, but FR was definitely becoming less conservative over time. At one time, you could call for a week of prayer before an election and numerous people would join in. Lately, you only got derision, or no response at all.

Nice to have a “home” place that still respects our values. So glad to find this. I’ll be inviting other like-minded friends as well.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem